I Love Claims (ILC) was established in 2010 and is the leading forum for claims professionals in the UK motor, home & property, and MGA sectors.

Since 2015 we have also focused our attentions on ‘giving back’ and have raised more than £1,200,000 for our chosen charity, the incredible Rainbow Trust. 

We do this annually via our annual ILC Day (14 February) and as part of our networking lunch events. 

Our aim at ILC is quite simply to help individuals and companies operating within the insurance claims industry to be ‘better tomorrow’. 

We host a number of key events: 

  • conferences
  • exhibitions 
  • networking 

As well as smaller scale activities: 

  • roundtables 
  • workshops 
  • exclusive VIP networking 

And digital engagement opportunities: 

  • interviews 
  • podcasts/webinars 
  • showcases 

We also deliver a free weekly newsletter to over 8,000 individuals in the claims industry each week, as well as provide indepth written feature content via our website. 

Via LinkedIn we also have in-excess of 8,250 followers globally. 

Our aim is to be the ‘go to’ place for expert insights, market intelligence and news from within the industry. 

Across the board, we typically have over 20 major insurers and the industry’s key stakeholders represented at each ILC event. 


Meet ILC

Learn about the leaders in your sector of our industry.

  • Chris Ashworth

    | ILC Founder

  • Rachael Hunt

    | Events Director

  • Sue Whyte

    | Chief Executive Officer

  • Mark Hadaway

    | Content Director

  • Kerry Rotherham

    | Finance Director

  • Nic Sproul

    | Home & Property Sector Consultant

  • Alan Soutar

    | ILC Chairman - Home & Property

  • Jonathon Valentine

    | ClaimsTech Lead

  • James Lambert

    | New Generation Lead

  • Liane Price

    | Sales & Accounts Manager

  • Emma Hounslow

    | Business Support

  • Alan Feldberg

    | Content Creator

  • Morgan Horobin

    | Marketing Executive

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    Rainbow Trust

    ILC is a pro-active supporter of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and with the help of the claims industry has to date raised over £1,200,000 to support the families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. 

    Since 2015 we have also focused our attentions on ‘giving back’ and annually promote ILC Day (14 February) to the insurance claims industry encouraging individuals and organisations to ‘get involved’ and help raise funds for this incredible charity.  

    With the support of our partners and the wider insurance claims sector we also raise funds annually via our networking events via auctions and raffles. 

    To find out more about Rainbow Trust click here. https://www.rainbowtrust.org.uk/ 

    To make a donation click here. https://www.rainbowtrust.org.uk/donate