Online survey identifies better relationships

Results of a new online survey carried out by ARC360 suggest improved supply chain relationships could be one positive outcome from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The snap survey was carried out live during the 19th webinar hosted by ARC360, in association with I Love Claims. Panellists for the ‘Repairer Special’ included Richard Steer, CEO, Steer Automotive Group; Rick Kerry, director, Ipswich Accident Repair Centre; and NBRA executive director, Chris Weeks.

The near 200 attendees were asked how their key supply chain relationships were evolving, with more than half (51%) saying they were continuing to evolve for the better.

A further 28% said their relationships had found a ‘new norm’, while less than a quarter (21%) said they were increasingly challenging.

Meanwhile, a poll also sought to identify current staffing activity and expectations around volumes during the ‘summer holidays’ (August).

Encouragingly, only 17% said they expected work levels to decrease in the next two months, with 22% predicting the previously experienced steady upward trend would continue despite the schools breaking up. However, with most pupils not at school anyway during lockdown, 61% of respondents did not expect the summer break to have any major impact on volumes – which are fluctuating between the 60 and 70% mark.

Consequently, a similar number of respondents (58%) said they are continuing to balance staffing levels with work volumes. Interestingly, 21% said they were in the process of streamlining headcount, while the same number said they were bringing more people onboard.

Meanwhile, ARC360 also announced it has scheduled its ‘physical’ event for 2020 for Tuesday 24 November at The British Motor Museum. Find out more.

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