Carpenters Group joins AI Code of Conduct

Carpenters Group has announced that it has signed up to support the Code of Conduct for the Use of AI in Claims.

The code was developed to ensure AI was implemented and deployed ethically within insurance claims and to protect customer interests.

Eddie Longworth, Director of JEL Consulting, led the working group that created the code.

He said: “The Code of Conduct is particularly appropriate to those legal firms that are working with insurers. The deployment of AI in the claims space needs careful handling and those signing up to the Code are demonstrating their commitment to maintaining the very highest standards of ethical and best practices. That is great news for all the stakeholders including, of course, the claimants themselves who want the reassurance that this Code of Conduct will bring.”

Paul Challoner, Commercial Director, Carpenters Group, added: “The code aligns perfectly with Carpenters Group high standards and ethical approach to insurance and legal service provision and will sit at the centre of our design and planning when utilising AI in the management and settlement of claims.

“Watching the working group grow in numbers throughout the process was inspiring and over the few short months, Eddie brought likeminded people together from across various industries to discuss and agree how we should approach the use of AI in the claims world. As one of the few law firms involved from the start, we had to consider how the code will interconnect within both FCA and SRA governance and regulations.”


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