Government announces new apprenticeship funding rules

The government has published new funding rules for apprenticeships starting between 1 August 2024 and 31 July 2025.

The new rules apply to employers and training providers and are intended to reduce the cost and hassle of taking on and training an apprentice, while introducing greater flexibility.

A statement said, “We are committed to continuing to simplify and improve the apprenticeship system, to make it easier for employers and providers to support high-quality apprenticeships. To support this aim, we have worked in partnership with a range of stakeholders who have helped us to make the proposed policy changes.”

These include:

  • Reducing the burden of onboarding by integrating initial assessment with development of the training plan, reducing the number of documents employers and providers need to review and sign. Providers will also no longer need to ask employers to sign off each progress review.
  • Reducing bureaucracy associated with claiming learning support by moving reviews from monthly to every three months.
  • Introducing a new £30,000 de-minimis in relation to subcontracting. This is intended to make it easier for providers to bring in industry specialists to deliver training by introducing greater flexibility in subcontracting arrangements.
  • Updating the Apprenticeship Levy transfer policy, providing levy-paying providers greater flexibility to use transfers and deliver training to receiving employers.

Meanwhile, the government is also considering changes to the minimum requirement for active learning. It will explore changes which support more flexible training, such as front-loaded or block release training.


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