Major names back Risk and Compliance event

Albany Group and, recently onboarded ILC Insurer Partner, First Central are two major names to give their backing to the forthcoming ILC Risk and Compliance event: Consumers – more than just a duty. 

Founded in 2007, Albany Group specialises in risk and intelligence software and is proud to serve some of the biggest names in insurance and financial services.  

As a growing UK insurer and innovator in data, First Central are experts in delivering market-leading insurance services – including motor insurance, underwriting, and legal services.  

Adam Richards, COO Albany Group said, “Albany is delighted to sponsor this event because risk and compliance play a crucial role in effective claims management. In today’s market, ensuring regulatory adherence and risk mitigation is vital to provide clients with reliable and compliant services. By managing supplier relationships with mindfulness of regulations, we can deliver better claims management, fostering strong partnerships to ensure a seamless and compliant claims process, ultimately benefiting our clients and enhancing their overall experience.” 

The event is set to provide exclusive insights into how insurers and supply chains can work together to optimise the consumer journey whilst continuing to satisfy changing legislation, ever-evolving socio-economic challenges, and business needs. 

The event is aimed at anyone involved in areas such as compliance, customer success, data intelligence and governance within insurers and supply chains, as well as all those with a vested interest in understanding market dynamics and the impacts of legislation such as Consumer Duty on claims such as advisories and analysts.  

To find out more about how to get involved in the risk and compliance event contact or click here for more details, to book a ticket or download the media pack. 


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