SightCall finds the remote control

Visual support platform SightCall has unveiled a new remote assistance solution that can reduce an insurer’s expense and risk while at the same time elevating its service to the levels set by global leaders in digital delivery.

The software, which is already employed by leading companies in a number of industries, works by providing a video link between the customer or remote technician and their office-based colleagues, who are able to provide immediate assistance and quicker resolution.

A real-world demonstration of the technology was presented to attendees of ClaimsTech, an I Love Claims event held in London at the end of September, which SightCall headline sponsored.

Richard Forsyth, senior sales director, said: ‘Customers are demanding a 24/7 service now, and that applies to insurance too. They want to be able to access their policies at a time of their choosing, change various aspects of it and see what affect those changes have. The ability to do this empowers them.

‘For insurers to offer this level of service, they either need to scale-up existing support systems or leverage technology built around the self-serve concept.’

This is where SightCall comes in.

Richard explained that its digital technology allowed customers to, in many cases, process an entire claim themselves without ever needing to speak to anyone directly. However, in the case of more complicated claims, or when the customer would prefer it, the interaction can be scaled up to live chat or live video.

Richard said: ‘The insurer can escalate the level of service as required – and because the customer will have already provided so much data they won’t be wasting expensive live chat resources while basic details are captured or forms dug out from drawers. Your experts are used when they can add key value.’

What this does is offer complete control to the customer and complete protection to the insurer.

Richard concluded: ‘There has to be a point to technology. Our technology offers three key benefits to the claims process: it reduces an insurer’s expense ratio because their experts are only called in at the right time to make the make the right decisions; it allows customers to manage their policies at a time that is convenient to them; and it decreases an insurer’s loss ratio because they are able to make decisions in real time.

SightCall was headline sponsor of ClaimsTech. I Love Claims would also like to thank partners Google Cloud and Mastercard, gold sponsors CoreLogic, Digilog UK, Entegral, IMS (Insurance Mobility Solutions), Tractable and Verisk, and silver sponsors asTech, Carpe Data, eviid, GT Motive, Service Certainty, and Synergy.


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