Home insurance insurtech Hiro launches in the UK

London-based start-up Hero Labs has launched an insurtech for home insurance, Hiro.

Hiro is an insurance challenger brand that rewards customers with insurance discounts for investing in smart technology that protects their homes.

Policyholders can gain discounts of up to 25% with smart devices they already own. In addition, they can purchase more technology from a discounted in-app marketplace to further protect their homes.

By installing technology such as cameras, video doorbells, and smart leak detectors, homeowners and renters can gain cheaper insurance premiums.

Hiro will utilise machine learning to settle claims in seconds and automate simple tasks, creating a modern customer experience. The insurtech is the latest offering from Hero Labs following its water monitor and automatic shut off solution, Sonic.

“Not a lot of people know this, but insurance was originally about working together to stopbad things from happening,” commented Hero Labs CEO Krystian Zajac. “The first professional fire service was a home insurance company. They would literally come to your house and help you put the fire out.”

Everyone can access Hiro and make savings as a member. However, Hiro is yet to gain an insurance underwriter and hopes to over the next few months. According to a release, it is “already in discussions” with several underwriters.

Consumers can download the Hiro app for iOS or Android to gain an estimate on how much they can save. The service is expected to launch later in 2020.


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