ICEYE takes the guesswork out of flood management 

Global leader in satellite-powered disaster management solutions ICEYE has launched a new Flood Early Warning system and Flood Rapid Impact solutions for the UK insurance market. 

The Flood Early Warning provides building-level impact predictions up to four days before a flood while the Flood Rapid Impact delivers satellite data-derived flood extent maps within 12 hours of the start of the flood and at eight to 12-hour intervals thereafter. 

These solutions combined enable insurers to predict and track evolving flood risk at individual locations and leverage their on-the-ground supply chains to prevent and limit damage. 

Rupert Bidwell, Vice President, Insurance Solutions at ICEYE, said, “Flood information before and during the event can be incomplete, as it is reliant on weather forecasts, models, and media. What we are providing is live-tracking of the flood using our satellite constellation. It means insurers can be ahead of the water and deploy resources to prevent and mitigate flood damage, and proactively support and communicate with their policyholders to ultimately reduce the rising cost and impact of floods.” 


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