ILC and ICAB revisit vulnerable customers topic with focus group

In 2018 we discussed that there is a general lack of understanding of what is meant by a ‘Vulnerable Person’. This workshop covered how the world has changed since the last session and how this affects who we identify as vulnerable, including:

•Has COVID made more people vulnerable?
•How can we support them in a COVID world?
•What to do when someone tests positive for COVID when they have a claim?
•What training have staff been given to identify VC and how to deal with them?
•What do we have in place that differs from two years ago?

Tim Goodman from ICAB would like to thank all those who logged on for the Vulnerable Customers focus group and said: “It was a very productive session and so nice to see all our major clients taking this important subject so seriously. ICAB are working closely with ILC  with regards to the next session. We look forward to seeing you there!”


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