ILC’s wellbeing webinar – Kate McKenzie’s thoughts on week nine of lockdown

A few weeks ago, sharing on the ILC’s webinar I had just begun to come to terms with my ‘new life’, adjusting to the changes lockdown had brought us. The first few weeks had been a bit of a chaotic blur of uncoordinated schedules with my new coworker (aged 10!) which meant battling for quiet time, the use of the laptop and a confused dog with her interrupted nap schedule.

What feels like 100 days later(!), I’m pleased to say it’s a far more balanced view. We still have good and bad days but there’s a level of acceptance now. A timetable for everyone that we try to follow as best as possible means home school is a far more pleasant experience, the dog is relieved to have set walking times once again and my own mind is at ease that we can do this.

We’ve even considered changes we can make when ‘life goes back to normal’ to incorporate some of the flexibility we’ve found with home working.

Business is starting to get back to normal now. We personally experienced an influx at the beginning of the chaos with the need for bathrooms for those shielding and the many people unable to use AA but then there was an eerie quietness for a few weeks. For the most part now however, it feels business as usual. Supplies are increasingly available, trades are moving, works are taking place and I sincerely hope for all of us, it continues on an upward slope.

The resilience of people has shown through from so many during this pandemic. The fight to keep going, to not let this beat us. The creativity and innovation from businesses across the globe has been incredibly insightful. More so, the community spirit felt across the board has really shown that to get through, to progress, to reach our goals, working together is paramount.

I personally feel very positive for the future. It’s been hard work, its been emotional, it’s caused a huge amount of worry at times but it’s taught me to adapt, to overcome and to persevere. We should all be extremely proud of our industry and how we are getting through this.


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