Rainbow Restoration reveals Net Zero strategy 

Rainbow Restoration has produced its inaugural Sustainability Framework Report, underlining the progress it has made towards net zero operations and setting out its future strategy. 

The comprehensive report includes a detailed emissions assessment, the steps it will take immediately to reduce carbon emissions from its own operations, how it plans to work with its supply chain to further limit its footprint, and, ultimately, its pathway to net zero in alignment with SBT (Science Based Targets) commitments. 

The report found that scope 1 contributes 44% of its carbon emissions, with transport from both fleet and commuting accounting for 62% of that. As such, it has made the switch to EVs a priority. Its fleet already includes five full EVs and one PHEV. Two more EVs are on order its first full EV commercial vehicle has just joined the fleet. 

The company is also supporting colleagues make the switch, installing five home charging units and five charging units at its central office. 

Alongside this, Rainbow Restoration has pledged to continuously improve and invest in the digitalisation of its claim management system, reducing the need for on-site visits, while offering increased flexibility for office-based employees to cut commuting. 

It will also promote digital communications where appropriate through the supply chain to further reduce the need to travel. 

With scope 3 making up 46% of total emissions, the company will also advocate carbon neutralisation within the supply chain to address indirect emissions from purchased goods and services, as it strives to achieve Supply Chain Sustainability School ‘Gold Status’. 

Certain emissions are unavoidable however, and Rainbow Restoration has announced it will invest in a range of carbon offsetting initiatives. 

The company said, “We are steadfast in our pursuit of sustainability excellence. With a clear understanding of our carbon footprint and a focused approach to emissions reduction, we are poised to lead by example in the restoration industry. Our journey towards becoming Net Zero is underpinned by a dedication to innovation, technology, and collaboration, and we invite all stakeholders to join us on this transformative journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.” 


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