Reducing leaks more than just a pipe dream

Claims Consortium Group has warned that the extended dry spell during the summer could continue to have an impact on claims volumes through the winter.

Some insurers reported a spike of up 200% in subsidence claims volumes during June and July, but Technical Director of Underground Services Jim Beaumont has warned that there could be hidden costs still to pay.

He explained that the ground shrinks as it dries out, and this movement can put pressure on underground water pipes – especially those made from rigid material. The ground will then swell and move again when it rains, doubling the risk of damage and leaks.

Water meters help homeowners to spot potential leaks, while other tell-tale signs to look out for include a loss of water pressure or random lush and sodden spots of lawn.

However, as climate change continues to raise the likelihood of extreme weather, Beaumont believes the volume of these claims will only rise until a more sustainable solution is found.

He said, “All areas of the industry need to look at more sustainable materials and building methods that can cope with the inevitable impact of climate change. At the moment it is standard practice to excavate and repair just the leaking section of pipe, but a pragmatic approach would be to replace the length in full with a more resilient material.

“It would reduce the future risk of leakage dramatically and is a much more cost-effective option long term. However, an approach like this would need to be a fully collaborative initiative across the entire industry to fully benefit insurers and their customers alike.”


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