RSK providing decontamination of essential businesses & policy holders homes

RSK’s decontamination services have been extended to assist clients with the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  In response to urgent client needs RSK has been despatching teams to provide professional decontamination of essential businesses such as call centres and can undertake the work to policy holders’ homes prior to reoccupation.    The decontamination team draws together expertise from across the RSK Group, including RSK Raw.


Response hotline for professional decontamination of of ces, facilities and worksites.

If your of ce, facility or worksite requires decontamination over and above usual cleaning practices, RSK Response can advise on scope and complete necessary decontamination to allow on-going occupancy and business operations.

As coronavirus continues to spread worldwide measures must be taken to disinfect any surfaces that have come into contact with someone carrying the virus. We will no longer have positive tests to con rm all coronavirus infections and therefore need to take necessary precautions to help keep our workplaces safe.

We have assembled regional decontamination teams and can provide rapid response, a thorough understanding of viral decontamination and the latest cleaning technology to combat this threat.

What to do if you have a suspected COVID-19 case in the workplace

1. Call 01207 594 921

If you think you require decontamination you should contact our response hotline as soon as possible. A COVID-19 incident advisor will take preliminary information including your contact details and information about the affected area. We advise that any affected area be cordoned off as soon as possible until the areas have been cleaned and disinfected. This may be an individual workstation and immediate (within 2m) vicinity, or a site cabin or vehicle.

2. A regional COVID-19 response team will contact you to discuss the requirements in detail and determine the cleaning need and urgency. The speci c requirements for each of ce, facility or worksite will differ and our response team will work with you to determine the best approach.

A copy of our Decontamination Method Statement and Risk Assessment will be provided before work commences.

  1. We will mobilise a team of at least two people to attend the site and carry out the decontamination. Depending on your requirements this can involve disinfecting all surfaces within a workspace and, if required, application of a fogging solution to kill the virus and provide ongoing protection for up to 30 days. Some of the areas which may need decontamination include: An individual workstation including furniture, phones, computer equipment
    Site welfare/of ce interiors
    Vehicle interiors and relevant external areas e.g. door/boot handles & ller caps and any affected plant or equipment Of ce common areas e.g. door handles, access areas, corridors, welfare/break out areas and toilets
    Other areas / items as deemed necessary
  2. All cleaning materials will be double bagged and removed from site for appropriate disposal.


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