Safeline carry on undertaking essential asbestos works to domestic properties

As we are aware these are testing and stressful times for the world with massive health and economic issues that are unprecedented in our time with our insurance companies and supply chains facing  uncertain and difficult days ahead. At Safeline we intend to keep working as long as we are allowed to providing our insurance clients with the best service possible in these difficult times by implementing more stringent procedures regarding attending domestic properties.

Please see below what we at Safeline propose to do with our aim being to carry on undertaking essential  asbestos works to domestic properties keeping in mind that due to the training given to our guys can undertake non asbestos works as well putting control measures in place to try and facilitate moving the claim on if the PH is happy to do so.

Being an asbestos removal company our guys are fully trained on protecting themselves and the policy holder with well implemented control measures ensuring safe removal of all hazardous asbestos products in the domestic household. We feel that the nature of our works are very important and essential especially for especially  vulnerable people whose properties are not fit for human occupation due to the recent floods, imagine if you will, being told to stay at home with no functioning bathroom or kitchen etc. We at Safeline class ourselves as priority essential workers and will assist were we can to close our part of the claim as quick as possible. We have implemented new procedures to help us carry on works with all current Government guidelines put in place due to the outbreak of Covid 19 virus thus protecting our staff and clients.

Safeline Covid – 19 Procedures:

Key points :

Any employee who has a high fever or a new continues cough must NOT come to work and inform our ops manager of a 7 x day isolation period

Bringing a packed lunch and a bottled drink and not excepting food or drink from the PH

Vehicles will only carry 2 x employees at a time

PPE will be wore once arriving on site before introducing yourself to the PH these procedures will be explained to the PH prior to Safelines arrival so as not to cause alarm.

Breaks on site will be by 1 x team member at a time outside and away from the public this will be the only time you should remove your mask.

PPE and RPE will remain being worn until all internal works are completed and signed off.

Safeline will carry on and can assist with non asbestos works as well given our specialist training etc and unique control measures that we can put in place.


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