Service Certainty™ Motor Experts diversify into Home Claims

The sudden drop in claim volumes, at its peak <90% drop of pre-lockdown levels accelerated a strategic ambition to diversify the business into Property claims. This decision has proved hugely successful, with claims from this sector now representing twenty percent of the overall business.

The traditional method of assessing Property claims came to an instant halt. Insurers required the need to remotely validate claims, quickly.  Service Certainty™ immediately launched a Home Claims triage proposition, proving critical during the first lockdown, creating a rapid increase in work, a five-fold growth in customer self-service product volumes.

As restrictions were eased Insurers sought a field-based solution to compliment their new home-working operating model.   Service Certainty™ diversified its crowd-sourced networks of professional’s photographers (Pro’s) who went the extra mile during the pandemic, adapting to both COVID-19 guidelines and capturing home claims damage from the ground, supported by the launch of a new Drone Pro’s service, capturing media from the sky.

These competitive, professional services have continued to grow month-on-month based on the quality and speed of their work, creating an invaluable ability for clients to remotely inspect property claims.

This remote inspection model was previously not explored with any great interest by Insurers, with the pandemic creating the need to adopt a new operating model which could deliver for customers and optimise their in-house expertise.  Now an established part of their client’s proposition and generating an overall thirty-fold increase in work volumes, from a standing start in March 2020.

This new service cost effectively delivers a significant return on investment (ROI) for clients, such as:

            –  Detecting or deterring Fraud.

            –  Increased repudiation rates.

            –  Greater accuracy of claim decisions (whether settlement or fulfilment).

            –  Improving the quality of recoveries.
            –  Reduced cost of claim per employee (moving expert functions to home-based resource).

            –  Increased customer satisfaction

One of their Specialist Property Claims Clients stated.

“As Covid-19 restrictions eased the Service Certainty Pros have helped us validate many claims, often arriving within hours of notification. The Pros have provided the detailed photographs and video surveys enabling us to review and diagnose the cause of damage and initial validity of claims, whilst minimising physical customer contact and strictly adhering to all current government guidelines.”


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