The decreasing gap between Motor and Home claims technology adoption

Author: Paul Sell, Service Certainty

Having worked in Claims for over ten years it has always been a discussion that Motor Claims engages with and adopts technology faster and home claims was many years behind this technology curve. COVID-19 has created a need to adapt, creating demand for technology solutions to solve a number of problems such as replacing a physical visit, inspection or audit. Customers, when faced with real problems and lockdown rules have been very happy to engage with technology solutions to progress their claim or seek reassurance.

It is now becoming commonplace across Home claims to have in place both digital and field solutions to capture images and videos, using technology throughout the claim journey, with the following examples;

Claims triage – Digital review of images and videos for claims handlers to make better claim routing decisions, removing failure.

Remote Assessment – Review of Images and videos by experts to assess the damage and potentially settle the claim, reducing lifecycle and fees.

Digital settlement – Ability to offer a transparent settlement to the customer via a digital product, collecting bank details for instant payment, reducing lifecycle and improving customer experience.

Remote Audit – Using images and videos to review work in progress and/or audit suppliers without the need to visit, removing cost and improving environmental impact and/or to remotely review progress of claims to share with customers.

Drone media capture – Popular roof claim assessment resulting in a higher than normal repudiation rate.

Service Certainty imageproof™ has put in place all these products and more, with demand from many for bespoke solutions, each client with new ideas on how they can improve their operating processes and customer engagement. Leading me to the conclusion that there is certainly little gap in technology adoption between Motor claims and Home claims now, with real change momentum.


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