Davies Group underlines FNOL effect

Davies Group has emphasised how fast and accurate first notification of loss can be critical in reducing fraud and delivering customer service.

It said that customers often have better recall of an incident immediately afterwards, so gathering details immediately enables claims teams to assess the validity of the claim at the outset, while also chasing up third parties to minimise credit hire costs and providing the best possible customer experience.

The group has also underlined the growing trend among customers to used digital platforms and apps to notify their insurer about an accident.

It introduced E-claim last year, which delivers intelligent insights to claims handlers, reduces fraud and enhances the customer experience by reducing claim lifecycles. E-claim incorporates electronic notification of loss capability to capture key details, such as location based on the GPS. It can also automatically pull in information from the DVLA database and from the insurer’s records, asking the customer to simply fill in the remaining details.

Stacey Goodchild, Managing Director of Motor Claims, said, “Digital reporting tools is a must to deliver the frictionless experience customers want. But choice continues to be essential. Giving customers options which suit their needs continues to be key, and early reporting is as important as ever to deliver excellent customer service whilst controlling indemnity spend.”


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