AA Assist unveils digital solution for uncertain drivers

New research has revealed that motorists are unsure who to contact in the event of a collision that they can drive away from.

This comes after the AA reported a 135% increase in calls for help between the first weekend of December and the second, when temperatures plummeted and driving conditions were hazardous.

According to its own study, 45% of drivers would contact their insurer following a minor collision, 25% would contact a recovery expert such as the AA, while 29% of younger drivers would call their parents. Just three per cent would get their vehicles repaired without any assistance.

However, most drivers are unaware they can appoint someone else to handle their motor vehicle damage claim. AA Accident Assist has now launched a digital platform enabling motorists to report a claim without calling anyone. Over the next year the solution will be enhanced to provide a completely digital end-to-end customer journey.

Tim Rankin, Managing director of AA Accident Assist, said: “Our new simple digital claims service gives power to drivers by putting them in control while we give them a helping hand by taking care of everything for them, at a time of stress. This launch supports our ambition that Accident Assist becomes the natural first contact for all our members and insurance customers after an accident.”


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