BHR introduces new AI-driven solution

BHR Assist Insurance Services has introduced a new solution called Statement Plus through Exchange.

The AI-driven system allows insurers to submit a payment pack and provide loss of use dates, which then enables the generation of a same-day offer based on BHR data, supported by a full CPR Court Compliant.

According to BHR benefits include: substantial reductions in hire period and hire rates; lower handling costs as there’s no need for solicitor involvement; and decreased potential for litigation, streamlining the entire process.

Managing Director, Carl Clavering said, “We are proud to offer this innovative service that leverages the latest tech with all data secure in UK based Microsoft Azure Servers. This means we can provide insurers with the most accurate and reliable data on credit hire charges, which can save them thousands of pounds per claim. Our clients appreciate our fast and efficient service, which helps them resolve claims quickly and fairly.”

BHR Assist Insurance Services provides a range of other services that leverage BHR data to combat challenges in credit hire charges and ensure efficient claims resolution in favour of insurers. In addition to BHR Statements, its services include GTA Check, which uses an algorithm to generate GTA codes for quick and precise decision-making, and Compare, which empowers insurers with free instant contemporaneous data for preliminary saving calculations against credit hire charges.

BHR’s innovations aim to streamline claims management for insurers, reduce claim handling time, and ensure quick access to cost-saving data, which ultimately benefits both insurers and their clients.


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