Celebrating National Customer Service Week 2021 – 92% of customers rate e2e’s service as outstanding

 As part of its ongoing commitment to raising standards and providing an exceptional customer experience, e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management [e2e] has commissioned a customer service survey, the results of which have just been made available.  

Over 350 insurance policyholders were contacted about their service experience with e2e, related to the management of their total loss vehicle.  The service had been delivered by a complete cross section of the salvage and recycling agents which make up the e2e network.  

92% rated the service they received as ‘outstanding’ with good and average making up the remaining ratings.  Additionally, 92% of customers who had personal belongings returned to them after their vehicle had been collected stated that they had received ‘outstanding’ service.

When asked whether they would have considered the use of reclaimed parts in the repair of their vehicle, 52% said a definite ‘yes’ with a further 18% saying that they would have been keen to explore that option.

Mia Constable, Head of Business Development at e2e said: “What a brilliant way to celebrate National Customer Service Week!  We are delighted with the survey results which demonstrate consistency in customer service standards across our network of members.  We are aware that we represent our insurance clients’ brands when we are providing a service to their policyholders and as such we believe we have a responsibility to provide a customer experience that boosts our clients’ reputations.  The survey findings not only validate our market leading service standards but also provide insight and an opportunity to deliver even greater customer care which, in line with our ethos of continual improvement, we will be talking to our insurer clients about.”


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