Enterprise enhances rental solutions

Enterprise has introduced new technology enabling in-branch employees to geolocate both rental and car clubs in real time. This means they can inform customers when a car club vehicle is the more convenient option.

Meanwhile, businesses using Enterprise’s ETD booking platform can now also be directed to a car club vehicle automatically when that is the closest and most convenient option.

Apart from reducing delivery, collection and mileage costs, Enterprise hopes this 24/7 service will support last-minute and out-of-hours rentals, as well as employees who are remote or hybrid working.

Enterprise’s UK & Ireland Director of Business Rental Paul McCorkell said, “Automated rental through an on-street car club is becoming an important form of vehicle hire, especially for businesses transitioning the workplace to a hybrid working model. It means that we can deliver mobility to employees in even more locations and out of hours, through what might have previously been seen as solely a residential solution.

“Rental on demand brings several benefits. It enables customers to access a much wider range and number of cars and vans in their local area. It reduces collection and delivery charges because vehicles are close to where the employee lives or works, and lowers their carbon footprint.

“And because many of our car club vehicles are low- or zero-emission plug-in electric vehicles, companies can start to introduce employees to EVs quickly and conveniently, getting them accustomed to what will soon be the future of motoring.”


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