Great British Motor Claims survey identifies 2022 as ‘key’ period

Nearly half of businesses in the automotive incident repair sector have identified the period between six and 12 months as their key focus going forward.

This is according to the second Great British Motor Claims Survey, hosted by ILC/ARC360, which found that 40% of all respondents picked that six-month block as the most important timeline for planning.

Only 13% said they were mainly focussed on the next three months, 20% said their priority was the three-to-six-months, while more than a quarter (27%) claimed they are already concentrating on plans that will come into effect more than a year down the line.

They say they are able to look this far ahead because they have adapted to deal with the pandemic now and any other challenges it may yet present, and can now turn their attention to longer-term investments, business expansion and sustainability.

However, those with a short-term focus say they are still in the ‘recovery phase’ after Covid-19 and are still uncertain about how the pandemic has impacted the claims process and repair prices.

Other respondents said they wanted to see how the whiplash reforms and Brexit impacted trading before thinking too far in advance.

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