GT Motive: It’s time for choice in the estimating technology arena.

With no viable alternative, work providers in the automotive industry have offered their supply chain the same, fixed fee, repair estimate solution for many years. However, with a viable alternative now available in the market, is it now time for repairers to be given a choice in estimating platforms, a choice which could aid their survival and growth, and one which would bring innovation and progression to the market.

When selecting a supply chain partner, work providers expect great service and a partnership based on trust, however, for many years they have been limited to the services of a single estimating platform which ties their partners into lengthy contracts with monthly fixed fees, even during times of unprecedented change, as endured in the global pandemic, when repairs cannot be undertaken.

With a presence in 28 countries, GT Motive believes that this is not fair and does not support and foster true collaboration. Leading the UK team, David Vella, Executive Director for UK & Ireland said “We focus on data accuracy and recently have carried out another industry benchmark that was independently verified and audited by experts to show that our product is a viable and credible alternative for the UK. From discussions with insurance professionals from procurement or supply chain departments, it is quite clear that the market wants competition, choice, and transparency in pricing. With GT, pricing is transactionally based, so if repairers are not creating assessments, they are not paying for assessments which would have made a lot of difference to bodyshops in the last 12-18 months.”

Used by over 80 insurance and leasing companies worldwide and producing over 5m estimates per year, GT Motive has the knowledge and experience to deliver not only a viable competitor to the market, but to bring a solution which delivers additional benefits and enables supply chain partners to select the best technological solutions and services to support their provision.

Demerie Hill, Executive Product Director at GT Motive said It’s time there was not only competition in the market, but also a more modern and flexible solution. At GT Motive we build our solutions with a strong focus on ease-of use, mobility, and accuracy. With GT Global, there is nothing to install, updates are made seamlessly online and as it’s web-based, you can use it on any device, anywhere, and at any time. We feel this offers a compelling advantage over the existing market standard and will provide repairers with significant benefits from day 1.“

GT Motive created GT Global to enable work providers and repairers to collaborate and communicate through whilst providing estimate costs for vehicle repairs following vehicle damage. Not only does GT Global offer a pay-as-you-use transactional cost model, but also gives direct access to OE parts prices which are accurate and updated daily.

GT Motive have created this technology over the past few years specifically for the UK market, following years of global growth and success.

Demerie continues, “Work providers should offer their supply chain an option. By incorporating more competition, repairers and insurers alike can benefit from the better technology and lower prices.

With correct estimates being processed in the first instance the bodyshops and work providers both benefit from increased productivity by vastly reducing the number of supplements required from an out-of-date price list. GT Global’s comprehensive platform has access to over 175 different sources including OEMs, GT Motive offers a 96-98% car park coverage with new vehicles and models being added twice a month, guaranteeing comprehensive information and vehicle accuracy.

Chris Weeks, Director – NBRA / VBRA Commercial said “Whilst the leading estimatics provider in the UK is clearly of a high quality, the failure of work providers to actively offer bodyshops a clear choice of solution has led to a lack of competition and hence costs have risen to an extreme level for repairers.  With inbound cost inflation being experienced from all angles NBRA supports greater choice for bodshops and the ability to reduce their overheads if they choose.  The entry of GT to the market is the beginning of that choice emerging and NBRA would advocate those choices being explored.”

There are many new technologies emerging within the supply chain and repair markets which can support and enhance service delivery, but only if the core platform they have adopted is capable of integration and that the work providers enable them to make the decision which is best for their business. With all the pressures and impacts of the last 15 months, is it not time for repairers to be supported better and given a choice, choice which could aid their survival and growth?


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