ILC Rising Star Interview: Myles Homewood, National Account Manager – Entegral

Tell us about your role. What do you do, and what do you find most interesting about it? 

I am a UK & Ireland National Acct Manager for Entegral which is an ever-evolving integrated software platform that streamlines the post-accident process for service providers. 

I find that the most interesting part about my role in the industry is the freedom & capability to create efficient operational and workflow solutions for those utilising our technology whilst improving the customer experience. 

What made you want to work in this industry? 

Like most others I have spoken to, I never joined our industry with the mindset of staying in it for a long period of time. Although it absolutely lures you in & captures you doesn’t it!  

If I was told that I would have worked for a technology company in this industry when I first started my career, I would have laughed! The opportunities our industry offers where everyone can make an impactful difference is a key reason for wanting to continue working in it.  

What do you see as the biggest challenge to your industry in the next year? 

Environmental consciousness. I believe that this is extremely important for our industry to continue to become increasingly aware of our environmental impact and look to make a difference. The need for the industry to continue to develop and fit our consumers expectations throughout the claim process not only from a customer satisfaction level but also an environmental level is becoming more and more sought after. We are going in the right direction, but our biggest challenge will be to continue to keep this momentum. 

How would you like to see the industry improved next year / 5 years / by the time you retire? 

1Yr – Continued exposure and consciousness to the ever evolving/needed connected journey throughout the claim process, from FNOL, Repair, Claims Management to Completion.  

5Yrs – Environmentally. As above, I’d like to see our industry actively impacting our world by working towards a Carbon Neutral future.  

Retirement – Diversity. We work in a very male dominated environment with out a diverse background. I’d love to be able to retire and have experience/worked through the change that is needed here. 

If you could give your 16-year-old self a piece of advice, what would it be? 

“Keep out of trouble. If you can’t do that, do a good job of it!” 

By no stretch I was the perfect teenager academically or even the best behaved. Although, even from the young age of 16 I always dreamed big & was confident in myself to do well in life. I wouldn’t want to change who I have become by offering some advice I haven’t already had.  


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