Industry Leader Interview – Claire Hart, National Sales Manager, Entegral

Innovation within vehicle repair has changed everything from tooling to training to methods. Keeping track of the evolution is no small challenge for time-pressed bodyshops. Here, Entegral National Sales Manager Claire Hart explains how the right Bodyshop Management System can ease the pressure on repairers and improve efficiencies.

How does Entegral work with bodyshops to ensure it is developing the best solutions?

Entegral works closely with all of its customers to keep up to date with the latest requirements. As we look to replace the legacy systems we have today, communication with our customers and the industry is key. Understanding what to develop through the eyes of our customers from the technicians to the office staff ensures we are getting it right first time. Working with our customers to ensure we partner with the right services and overall provide exactly what our industry is looking for – a management system.

What does a good bodyshop management system look like today, and how might that change in the near future?

The systems in the industry today have been around for a long time. They have been developed over years and years and quite often carry too many components, or not the right components as the industry has changed and continues to adapt. At Entegral we are developing a system that is Intuitive, easy to use and Mobile. The industry needs flexibility and to be able to access data wherever and whenever it likes and then manage that data effectively to maximise profits and limit downtime.

How is Entegral supporting bodyshops with today’s challenges around supply, inflation and fluctuating repair volumes?

Our software assists our shops in understanding where their Accidents are happening and to assist in planning in those areas. They can observe trends to try and understand the fluctuations better. In addition links with partners can help our shops take on extra work when needed.

What role do partnerships play in supporting continued innovation within repair?

Partnerships and collaboration are key, understanding what is emerging in the Industry so we can best assist our customers in either connectivity or data provision. Working with the Industry and not just for ourselves is vital to develop the best software that is open to allow collaboration with all parts of the accident repair industry. Continued open and honest communication with leading partners in the industry help us to develop an understanding as repair methods/EV challenges etc. Even down to environmental changes like ULEZ being introduced in London brings challenges which we can help with.

How are changing repair methods impacting the requirements of bodyshop management systems?

Repair methods can be added at any time, but we are seeing more and more the regulations on Images and the storage of those images to refer to after repair. More Images have to be taken and stored – then verified against the repair. Every aspect of the repair journey has to be signed off and documented and this affects the management systems as we have to ensure they have the storage and fields to store this data. The management system is there to track and log everything for the shop to ensure they are paid and there are no repercussions. We receive requests daily to help with this and endeavor to satisfy these requests, however they are changing constantly which makes it difficult for both the customer and us to make the right adaptations timely.

How is the changing technology within vehicles driving repair innovation?

With the introduction of the panic button and built in telematics, information is being transmitted at the first instance of the accident. This can assist who is required at the early stages and the severity of the accident. The further this technology develops and speaks to other systems, time and money will be saved. As the technology gets smarter it can establish at once who needs to be involved and inform the customer.

In what way are tighter environmental regulations/targets influencing vehicle repair?

As mentioned above, ULEZ is going to Impact a lot of repairers in the London area. Discussions of how Entegral can help with the management systems are already happening. If managed incorrectly this could have a massive financial impact on London-based repairers. We are working closely with a number of companies to assist with our technology to identify customers’ vehicles before they are collected, or brought in.  

Which areas of vehicle repair do you see the most significant innovation taking place, and where are the areas opportunity in the future?

Estimating is constantly evolving with AI, the need for two way communication amongst other things. Remote image capability, either self-serve or remote, with communications back to the Customer is something we are hearing a lot of noise about. There are companies making great inroads into this and Entegral is always looking for ways to partner and continue connecting the industry.


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