Industry leaders launch Christmas campaign

Leaders from five companies within the insurance claims sector are joining forces this Christmas to raise awareness and provide support for local foodbanks across the UK.

The group consists of Donna Scully from Carpenters Group, Kate Goodwin Innovation Group, Ruth Moring-Beale from Morelli Group, Dan Chesney from Onyx PDA and Andy Whatmough from S&G Response.

Donna Scully said, “In the run up to Christmas we know demand for food will escalate and people face the impossible decision of whether to heat or eat. A decision nobody should have to make. We hope, as a group, we can make a difference and if you want to get involved, please contact us. The more who help, the more we can help.”

The group’s main goal is to ensure that foodbanks are fully stocked this Christmas.

Kate Goodwin said, “This is an initiative forged through friendships made via our wonderful industry, but one that recognises that we speak from a fortunate position in comparison to so many other people within our local communities.

“We would LOVE for others in the industry to join us to help support the thousands of people that will need the help of a foodbank over the next weeks and months. A couple of bags of food, to a full-blown collection of goods – every single donation will help someone, somewhere. In turn, we can support efforts by collecting and delivering goods, a service kindly offered by the Morelli Group.”

The group has named Friday, 17 December as ‘Donations Day’, and is urging everyone in the sector to support their campaign, ‘Every Little Bit Extra Helps’, in the run up. Those getting involved can share photos of donations to one of the group members or on social media with the hashtag #ELBEH.


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