Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators and e2e announce insight ‘firsts’ for the 2019 Annual Crash Test and Research Day

e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management [e2e] is delighted to be co-sponsoring the annual Crash Test and Research Day, organised by The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (ITAI), for the fourth year.  Taking place at Bruntingthorpe Airfield and Proving Ground in Leicestershire on June 20th, the event is attended by traffic accident investigators and members of the vehicle manufacturing, vehicle repair, bodyshop, insurance and fleet markets.   

New insights for the insurance claims and fraud communities are to be generated this year as for the first time, ITAI in conjunction with e2e, will be replicating ‘fraudulent’ staged accidents and comparing the resulting damage patterns to genuine accidents.  The data from the low speed impact site is a valuable asset in considering damage consistency in Claims where fraud is suspected.  Equally in rear end collisions the database of damage gives an indicator of the velocity change; this is useful for Medical Experts in determining the likelihood of genuine whiplash injuries.

The event will also include a series of crashes with identical configurations, using the same type of vehicle, at speeds varying from 40 to 90 mph; as part of a research program in conjunction with the National Police Chiefs’ Council.  There will also be a series of crash tests between Mopeds and cars.  Many of the vehicles involved in the tests will be fitted with telematics equipment. 

The ITAI will be releasing imagery and the invaluable research results from its damage pattern analysis following the day’s range of crash tests.  If you have an interest in the data/research results please contact Ian White (

Chair of the ITAI, Jon Stubbs, comments: “Each year the Crash Test and Research Day evolves and this year’s event will deliver new ‘firsts’ in understanding what we can learn from damage patterns evident in crashed vehicles.  Vehicle design is constantly progressing and our purpose in holding this day annually is to educate traffic accident investigators, inform where appropriate on safety and provide latest insights to the various sectors involved with traffic accidents and their impact.”

Neil Joslin, Chief Operating Officer at e2e said: “We continue to invest in supporting the ITAI with this superb event which can provide critical insights to so many of our clients.  We are particularly interested to see the results from the comparison damage patterns in fraudulent ‘staged’ accidents and genuine accidents which could prove extremely useful to the insurance claims community, as will the low speed impact research related to whiplash claims.  It’s always an action packed, exciting day to attend and we look forward to entertaining clients at the event.”

Source: e2e


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