MoJ misses deadline for RTA review response

The Ministry of Justice has failed to meet its own deadline for responding to the July 2023 consultation on revisions to the medical reporting process for road-traffic accident (RTA) claims.

Now the Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO) has written to Civil Justice Minister Lord Bellamy to question the lack of progress in setting new recoverable disbursements for medical reports, which have stood at £180 for the last decade.

Executive Director Matthew Maxwell Scott said, “The MoJ has proposed a £30 increase to £210, but eight months later we still await a definitive view. In the meantime, inflation has eaten into the costs of preparing medical reports, so firms are struggling to cover their overheads, risking consumer detriment for hundreds of thousands of injured people wanting to get their claim settled.

“The proposed increase is well below what it should be to take full account of inflation, so the only crumb of comfort from this wholly avoidable delay is that the MoJ may rethink the proposals and uprate the reporting fee to a more appropriate level of £240-£260.”

He warned that extremely tight margins could risk further market exit by medical reporting organisations, reducing consumer choice and risking access to justice.

He added, “All we’re asking for from the MoJ is a level playing field. The entire structure of fees and disbursements in civil justice is a mess. Some fees have stayed static for years, while others are subject to statutory review.

“The current, inconsistent approach to reviewing disbursements, fees, fixed recoverable costs and other monetary standards is creating avoidable uncertainty and a lack of sustainability in civil justice as a whole.”


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