Motor PI claims down 15% following introduction of OIC Portal

Article supplied by Insurance DataLab

A lot has happened in the motor claims market in recent years, and one of the biggest shakeups has been the introduction of the Official Injury Claims (OIC) portal in June 2021.

In that first month, a little over 10,000 claims were submitted to the OIC Portal, while more than 22,500 claims continued to be processed by the original Claims Portal.

Fast forward to today and the picture is quite different.

In March 2023, there were almost 25,500 claims submitted to the OIC Portal, with less than 6,750 claims reaching the original portal.

Indeed, since the turn of the year almost four-fifths of all motor personal injury claims have been submitted to the OIC Portal.

But the introduction of the new portal has not just changed where claims are being submitted, it has also changed the overall number of claims.

The average monthly volume of claims since the OIC was introduced is down by around 15% compared to the 12 months immediately prior to its introduction.

When it comes to settlements, unsurprisingly the average general damages paid out through the original Claims Portal has increased significantly since the new portal was introduced, with lower value claims under £5,000 now going through the new process.

Indeed, since June 2021, average damages have more than doubled, increasing to almost £4,800 in March 2023.

But with so few claims now passing through the original portal, this has been more than offset by the lower level of damages paid through the OIC Portal.

According to the latest data released by the OIC, unrepresented claims were settled for an average of £925 for ‘injury non-tariff’ claims and £691 for tariff claims, with an average tariff uplift of £214.

For represented claims, these figures stood at £891, £693 and £214 respectively.


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