New Generation: Samantha Breden

Tell us about your role, what aspects of it has surprised you the most?

I started working for Perfect Group in February 2022, Within six months I was promoted to Senior Account Manager, My role consists of managing serval accounts, building relationships with clients, giving the best customer service to the Policy Holder and collating all information for the removal for a streamlined process, I feel that success in this role is due the trust I have been given and the development that forms an overarching aspect of everything we do.  The aspect that has surprised me the most is the support of my colleagues, . If you feel supported and encouraged, you can achieve anything.

What has been your proudest professional achievement, and why?

My proudest professional achievement would have to be gaining two promotions within my first year, the Insurance sector was not something I had work in before. Personally I feel like I have found my passion and my strength.

How do you see your role changing in the next 5-10 years?

In the next five to ten years, I would like to see myself  involved in the training and management of all offices across the UK and internationally.

What do you see as the industry’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness ?

The industry’s greatest strength will be growing technology enabling our team to provide even better service. It also allows our business to navigate the best routes allowing us to keep down emissions, to track vehicles to keep an eye on traffic and arrival times, logging in system for all containers within our warehouse, online inventory, full detailed surveys and systems to book in removals, all in all this keeps communication at its strongest and in any business this is key.

The greatest weakness would have to be a break in communication from any party, this can have a massive impact of the situation or removal and cause added stress on to the situation.

What does job satisfaction look like to you?

Job satisfaction to me is a removal with as little noise as possible for the insurer or the Policy Holder, A streamline process from the initial removal to the return, my main focus is to always make sure the customer is happy and having been through one of the toughest times in their life, they have as little stress as possible and get them back to their home as quickly as possible. In summery we remove the contents, protect them and avoid any waste.


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