SYNETIQ considers green parts inflation

Following up questions posed by delegates during October’s Exclusive Motor Claims Conference, SYNETIQ has addressed the availability and price of green parts as well as EV battery recycling.

How do you see demand and supply for green parts affecting price?

We have seen cost price inflation across every part type and provider and green parts is no different. Green parts pricing is driven by multiple factors including the cost of vehicles themselves, labour, energy and fuel. 

At SYNETIQ we provide a clear and transparent approach to the pricing of our green parts. We follow a fixed pricing model resulting in a savings of up to 75% off the RRP price for our customers.  

Our pricing model will remain transparent and consistent to ensure our clients and customers can budget effectively. 

Using demand data, and a “ring-fencing” approach, we are constantly striving to maximise the availability of our inventory to our clients and customers requirements. 

How do we stop EV battery disposal from being wasteful?  

As it stands, the industry is not fully aligned around a solution to the reuse, repurposing and recycling of EV batteries. This presents an opportunity for us as a leading vehicle recycler to drive forward a potential solution. However, we can’t do this alone. We must do it together as an industry and we need to act now, particularly following new regulations that have been set in place to monitor the entire life cycle of batteries.

This includes end-of-life requirements and recycling targets which need to be achievable by 2027.   

This deadline is not that far away. Key players within the industry need to come forward and we must focus our efforts together to work towards the goal of preventing wasteful battery disposal.  

There is of course the route of reuse and safe resale of batteries. We supply customers with batteries to power barges using solar panels as an alternative sustainable energy source. We’re also looking at how we can integrate the use of batteries as a power source within our own facilities.  

The opportunities for the reusing of batteries are endless as long as they are deemed safe. Battery recycling needs to be made a priority and more needs to be done to create a solid circular solution that is specific to the automotive supply chain. 


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