Taking a digital insurance axe to Covid-19 nightmares

The world is changing faster than it was possible to imagine. For insurers, robust agility is the new paradigm required to cope with customer demand, coronavirus and escalating claims costs.

Until now, the hurdles to a fully transformed claims management platform were huge. When it takes tens, even hundreds, of millions of dollars and years to deploy – and the costs and time to upgrade are equally daunting, insurers can effectively become frozen in obsolete versions of enterprise software.

Thankfully, Heads of Claims can now realise a full digital makeover by using no-code cloud systems. The implentation hurdles are low, the costs massively reduced and the benefits significantly higher. 360Globalnet is one of the world leaders in this new era of digital claims management: can you afford not to find out more…?

“Good solutions to these problems have only recently become possible with the growing resilience of global cloud computing and the presence of a smartphone in every pocket”.

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360Globalnet is working with some of the world’s leading insurers to move their claims processing to a fully digitised platform as a critical part of their Covid-19 response.

We are migrating these clients to native-cloud claims handling in weeks – sometimes even days. This lessens the workload on hard-pressed claims staff and also enables them to work from anywhere with just a browser and internet link.

We can revolutionise your Covid-19 response with an end-to-end solution out of the box, from FNOL to settlement. We offer full image and video capability to allow you rapidly to deploy comprehensive digital claims management for customers, supply chains, fraud teams and claims handlers. All in a low-cost model.

More than that, the Claims Director is assured that all claims categories and perils can be transformed on the one platform- 360SiteView. No extra costs to add travel, home, pet, warranty, speciality and commercial claims. Reduced training, no significant capital costs and just a low-cost transaction or subscription licensing model.

And once deployed you have the assurance that you are not hostage to the vendor when you want to iterate, innovate and anticipate customer needs. The no code 360SiteView means that you only need train a small number of business analysts and/or savvy claims handlers who can configure changes in plain English from their desktop. Literally make small changes there and then and more transformative ones to a change process you define but definitely agile.

When you see the speed and degree of transformation you can achieve it may seem too simple to be true. We have invested over $35million to ensure: –

· Complex becomes Simple
· Expensive becomes Low Cost
· Slow becomes Fast
· Inflexible becomes Flexible

We are helping our clients become more resilient, proactive and transformed. Let us do the same for you.


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