Tesla tops list of most expensive EV repairs

New figures have revealed that Teslas are the most expensive EVs to repair.

According to data released by Activate Group and Gecko Risk, who have formed a new partnership to deliver deeper insights into EVs, the average repair cost for an EV over the last four years is just under £2,600.

By comparison, average repair costs for Teslas exceed £3,000.

Mercedes-Benz (£2,996) and BMW (£2,938) were the second and third most expensive EVs to repair, while Volkswagen’s were the cheapest with an average repair cost of just over £2,300.

The jointly produced data also found that there are now almost 920,000 EVs on UK roads, with Tesla the most popular with 180,000 registered vehicles.

Hannah Wilcox, CEO of Activate Group said, “We recognise the significant impact EVs are having on our industry and have placed a strong focus on ensuring high levels of EV capability across our UK repair network. It’s encouraging to see that EV repair costs have remained relatively stable despite a significant increase in demand as the number of EVs on the road rises.”

Commenting on the partnership with Gecko Risk, Pete Thompson, Director of Product at Activate Group added: “Our product roadmap is built around a data-driven, customer-focused approach to the big changes in our industry. We know fleets and insurers are developing their AFV strategies, and we’re delighted to partner with Gecko Risk so that both us and our customers can benefit from the rich insights within the platform.”


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