This specialist conference was held on 9 June 2022, bringing together around 180 leading industry professionals to discuss the environmental challenges of home & property claims.

During this special event, we explored topics such as:

  • Environmental legislation
  • Carbon footprint
  • Environmental building regulation (and the impact on actual repair of a property)
  • Sustainability

10.55am Panel discussion          

Alastair Smith – Head of Procurement Operations, Direct Line Group

Sarah Dodd – Founder, Tree Law

Jeremy Sykes – Chief Strategy Officer, Polygon Europe     

  • Legislation
    • Deadlines
    • Requirements
    • Realities

11.25am – 11.55am Coffee & Networking Break


What has happened so far?

Automation panel session

Process and Carbon Footprint panel session

Next and The Future

Michael Porter – SVP International, Corelogic

Data and information panel session

The supply chain – Understanding and helping panel session